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Barra - Atlantic Gin

Barra - Atlantic Gin

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This award-winning gin was produced, bottled, and labelled entirely on the picturesque remote Scottish island of Barra.
It has been distilled with seventeen different botanicals, including organically cultivated carrageen seaweed, all of which have been hand harvested on the island, to create its own flavour.

This Atlantic gin has successfully encapsulated the island's breathtaking spirit. Indeed, what makes this gin so unique is the carrageen seaweed utilised in the distilling process. The cold Atlantic waters off the gorgeous Isle of Barra are home to this seaweed, which is native to the rocky shores of Europe.

A wonderful blend of floral and herbal notes can be found in the aroma of Barra Atlantic Gin. Juniper, citrus, and dulcet carrageen finally flow across the tongue like the tremendous Atlantic surf washing upon Barra's coastlines.

Alc. 46% Vol

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